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Proper Fit by Connie Crawford
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How To Sew - Studio Sewing Skills DVD

How To Sew - Studio Sewing Skills DVD
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Want to learn how to sew?
Interested in how to sew clothes for real life?

Connie's SEWING DVD instructs students with efficient techniques to learn how to sew in this fast-paced world. This DVD allows students to learn at their own pace. These sewing skills are designed to build knowledge progressively. The student learns the basics of sewing as well as how to assemble a garment in a logical and time efficient sequence. Students will complete a project that encourages them to sew more and more. This DVD will be useful for sewing labs, fabric stores, 4H groups, Girl Scout groups, home educators as well as traditional school curriculum. As students learn how to sew, they will also learn the construction process. With time and practice they will refine the skills presented throughout the DVD and obtain a greater ability to construct any garment.

Special Bonus:
Every purchase of Connie's Studio Sewing Skills DVD will include the Mini Project 4-Pack for free!
These are perfect beginning projects to accompany the sewing DVD.

To make things easier for the beginning student, Coni is also offering her Studio Sewing Skills Student Packet. It has all of the samples necessary to practice the sewing DVD exercises.

Free Download: Everyone is welcome to download Connie's Industry Guide To Sewing Order.
Fashion industry pros do not use direction sheets. Instead, they follow a very logical sewing order. This is a highly condensed version of chapter five from A Guide To Fashion Sewing. This is essential for beginners, but also very useful as a checklist for experienced sewers. You can click here to download.

Approximate Running Time:
Studio Sewing Skills: 1hr 56 min

Connie is the 2009 selection for the Sewing Hall of Fame!
Click here for a picture from the ASG Conference.

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Happy Patternmaking!


From SQE Professional, Issue 38, October 2008

Sewing programs are evolving. New sewers are looking outside the home and the traditional classroom for guidance to create new designs and a unique look. As sewing regains popularity, a new type of customer has come to the forefront. This is largely because Reality-TV shows, such as Project Runway, have connected the link of sewing to fashion design. Personally designed clothing has become a positive status symbol. The stigma of "loving hands at home" is gone.

Students today do not want to sit in a classroom week after week. They want to complete a project that encourages them to sew more and more. In a time of busy schedules and limited budgets, Connie Crawford's Sewing & Fitting DVD's save the day for independent fabric stores, sewing machine stores, 4-H groups, scout troops, and schools. Her DVD's give a very organized, efficient, and practical lesson plan requiring minimal preparation time. It allows students to view the DVD's when it is convenient for them. They can stop and start and watch each step repeatedly until they are comfortable with the useful information and techniques. They will learn the sewing process, as well as their sewing machines, in a basic and comprehensive manner for beginners as well as more advanced students.

Crawford's Studio Sewing Skills DVD enables sewing instructors to teach the total fitting and assembling of a garment in a logical and time-efficient sequence. Creative and modern sewing labs can be set up in-store or create your own sewing lounge. Customers are drawn to flexible hours and "renting time" for the use of the space and sewing machines on an individual basis. With a DVD player next to the sewing machine, and the supplemental student packet, (which includes pre-cut fabric and zipper samples), the sewing instructor is able to have several students, at different stages and sewing levels. This relaxed atmosphere allows students to experience the artistic flavor and enjoyable nature of sewing.

The organization of these sewing projects is designed to build sewing knowledge progressively. This method helps students visualize the total fitting and assembling of a garment in a logical sequence. As students practice this construction process, they will refine the skills presented throughout the DVD and obtain a greater understanding of how to construct any garment. Mastering the technical aspects of construction provides tools through which creativity and individuality may be expressed. Self confidence and imagination will abound as they continue to sew more projects.

Many frustrations of sewing can be eliminated through this new approach to teaching sewing. Your customers will be able to develop a basic knowledge of fashion sewing and continue to sew for many years. Help your customers nurture the love for sewing and pass on the fun to others.

DVD Contents

Studio Sewing Skills Contents
Prep Your Machine & Paper Guides
  Wind Bobbin
  Thread Machine
  Bring up Bobbin Thread
  Change Needle
  Test Sew
  Foot Control
  Plain Seam
  Ripping a Seam
  Basting Stitch Seam
  Welt and Open Welt Seam
  French Seam
  Crimped Seam
  Straight Tapered Darts
  Fish-Eye Darts
  Fusing the Interfacing
  Attaching the Facings
Bias Bindings
  Cutting Bias Strips
  Single Bias Binding
  French Bias Binding
  Zipper Feet
  Lap Zipper
  Mock Fly Zipper
Garment Construction Procedures
Selecting a Pattern
Selecting Fabric
Pattern Layout
Cutting Methods
Garment Sewing Process
  Steps 1&2 - Interfacing / Darts
  Step 3 - Shoulder Seams / Sides
  Step 4 - Collar
  Step 5 - Facing
  Step 6 - Sleeves
  Step 7 - Serge / Hem
  Step 8 - Buttons / End