Fashion Patterns by Coni : The Art of Proper Fit

Proper Fit by Connie Crawford
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Custom Fitting & Trueing DVD

Custom Fitting & Trueing DVD
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The Custom Fitting DVD by Connie Crawford saves time and effort with modern garment fitting techniques. This video helps sewers avoid common fitting problems after the fashion fabric is cut.

Approximate Running Time:
Custom Fitting & Trueing: 1hr 5 min

Sample Clip

DVD Contents

Custom Fitting & Trueing Contents
Selecting a Pattern
Measuring The Mature Figure
Balance and Draping for a Couture Fit
Checking Balance
  Draping Your Pattern
  Adjustments for the Mature Figure
  Industry Grading: Changes in the Shoulder
  Muslin Fitting: Changes to D-Cup
  Draping: Fitting the Shoulders
  Draping: Taking Out Gaposis
  Draping: Pitching Side Seams
  Draping: Adjusting the Back Neck Drop
  Draping: Adjustments for Dowager's Hump
  Fish-Eye Darts for Fitting and Shaping
  Draping: Advantages of Princess Seams
Drafting Your Pattern Changes
  Draping Sleeves
  Mature Sleeve
  Sleeve Draft: Trueing on the Table Top
  Neckline Trueing: Eliminating Gaposis
  Trueing The Collar
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