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Proper Fit by Connie Crawford
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Grading Workbook, 2nd Ed

Grading Workbook, 2nd Ed
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Featured in Threads Magazine Issue 174 Aug/Sep 14.

The Grading Workbook, Second Edition serves as a reference guide for the designer, patternmaker, costumer, and cottage industry designer. Within this new edition more content is added for more grading variations. Specifically, there are new sections for princess seams, gored skirts, knits, women's plus sizes, men's wear, and children's wear.

We have focused on making this new edition more modern with completely redrawn, full color illustrations to show each grading step more accurately.

The Grading Workbook, Second Edition can be used as a teaching/learning guide for many years.

©2013, 126 pages, illustrated, softcover, spiral bound

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The Grading Ruler is also available separately.
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Table of Contents

Part 1 Preparation
Chapter One Grading Systems 1
  Ruler Method Of Grading 3
  Machine Method Of Grading 4
  Computer Method Of Grading 5
Chapter Two Figuring The Breakdowns 7
  Establishing Full Grade And Half Grade 10
  Full Grade 10
  Half Grade 10
  Half Grade Breakdowns 11
  Example 1½” Grade 11
  Full Grade Breakdowns 12
  Horizontal Breakdowns 12
  1½” Grade 13
  1” Grade 14
  2” Grade 15
  Basic Bodice Worksheet 16
Chapter Three Grading Mechanics 19
  Setting Up The Pattern Pieces 21
  Zero Grain Line And Zero Cross Grain 21
  Pattern Placement 21
  Pattern Movement 22
  Digitizing Procedures For Computers 22
  Converting Traditional Grading Into Computer Grading Language 23
  Converting Fractions Into Decimals 23
  Setting Up The Grading Ruler 24

Part 2 Basic Grading Procedures
Chapter Four The Basic Bodice Front 27
  Basic Bodice Front Grading Procedure 30
  The Basic Bodice Front Reference Chart 36
  Grading Exercises For a Basic Bodice Front 37
Chapter Five The Basic Bodice Back 39
  Basic Bodice Back Grading Procedure 40
  The Basic Bodice Back Reference Chart 46
  Grading Exercises For a Basic Bodice Back 47
Chapter Six The Bodice Back Yoke 49
  The Bodice Back Yoke Worksheet 50
  Bodice Back Yoke Grading Procedure 52
  The Bodice Back Yoke Reference Chart 54
Chapter Seven The Basic Skirt Front & Back 55
  Basic Skirt Worksheet 58
  Basic Skirt Grading Procedure 59
  The Basic Skirt Reference Chart 62
  Grading Exercises For a Front And Back Skirt 63
Chapter Eight The Basic Sleeve 65
  Basic Sleeve Breakdowns 66
  Sleeve Worksheet 67
  Basic Sleeve Grading Procedure 68
  The Basic Sleeve Reference Chart 73
  Grading Exercises For The Basic Sleeve 74
Chapter Nine Basic Collars & Cuffs 75
  Basic Collar & Cuff Breakdowns 76
  Basic Collar Grading Procedure 77
  Basic Cuff Grading Procedure 79
Chapter Ten Basic Pants 81
  Basic Pant Breakdowns 82
  Basic Pant Grading Procedure 83
  The Basic Pants Reference Chart 87
Chapter Eleven Basic Waistband 89
  Basic Waistband Breakdowns 90
  Basic Waistband Grading Procedure 91
  The Basic Waistband Reference Chart 94
Chapter Twelve Basic Facings 95
  Basic Facing Breakdowns 96
  Basic Facing Grading Procedure 97
  The Basic Facing Reference Chart 99

Part 3 Pattern Variations
Chapter Thirteen Style Variations 101
  Grading And Setting Up Princess Seams 102
  Grading And Setting Up Gored Skirts 104
  Grading Knit Pattern Sizes S-M-L 106
  Knit Tops Front & Back Reference Chart 107
Chapter Fourteen Figure, Gender, Age And Size Variations 109
  Introduction 110
  Adult Women’s Sizes 111
  Women’s Half Size Or Plus Size 112
  Plus Size Skirt Reference Chart 112
  Plus Size Blouse Reference Chart 113
  Men’s Pants 114
  Men’s Pants Reference Chart 115
  Men’s Suits, Jackets, And Shirts 116
  The Sport Shirt Reference Chart 117
  Children’s Types And Sizes 118
  Children’s Bodice / Blouse Reference Chart 119
  Children’s Pants Reference Chart 120
  Children’s Skirt Reference Chart 121